m o d e r n   a m e r i c a n   m e n u


L O C A L  was conceptualized by chef_owner Tracy Miller in 1998 with the inspired vision of becoming a local establishment in Dallas serving a modern american menu.

Our culinary approach consistently embraces a menu that welcomes the simplest, most honest ingredients available.   We are seasonally driven and are continuously strengthening our bonds with surrounding purveyors, cheesemakers, breweries, ranchers, wineries and farmers.  We are always eager to share our fondness of quality driven products and we stay true to who we are while preparing food that makes us happy. 

We are located in Deep Ellum in the historical Boyd Hotel, landmarked as the oldest standing hotel in Dallas, circa 1908.  We were truly grateful to find a space with a real sense of soul and resonated with the building immediately.   Our renovation of the hotel began in 1998.  We then catered and happily celebrated the opening of the restaurant in February 2003. 

The timeless design of  L O C A L , by designer Alice Cottrell Interior Design, has wonderfully succeeded in capturing the character and charm of the building's history,  creating a warm, modern and comfortable surrounding.

We are so proud to be established as a 12 year old restaurant that has become a true destination for those supporting our independent spirit.  We hope to continue to create and share a wealth of special memories for those guests dining with us.

Please join us for dinner!